Last year, Menswear Style featured a story titled, “5 Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2016.” Aligning menswear advances with the barbering world, the story speaks with Sam Hickey, Senior Barber of Murdock London, and features styles ranging from a deep side part to textured and military-inspired cuts. Honestly, it’s a story filled with gorgeous men and great hair. And yet, once we got to the “Natural Texture” section, we couldn’t help but feel like there were a few trends…and a few good men…missing. Where was the black men’s hair?

mens hairstyle trends
Photo: Menswear Style

Check out some beautiful black men’s hair below.

Trigger warning: #thirsttrap

1. Free fros

black men's hair
Photo: tumblr

2. Lengthy locs

black men's hair topknot
Photo: CurlsUnderstood

3. Tendril top knots

black men's curly top knot
Photo: Pinterest

4. Cascading curls

black men hair long curls
Photo: FMyHair

5. Functional fades

black mens hair bald fade
Photo: Pinterest

6. Bold beards

There is a whole Instagram account dedicated to them.

black mens hair beard
Photo: Tumblr

7. Colored coifs

black mens hair color
Photo: MenHairstyleTrendy

We probably need a new hashtag for all this beauty, huh?

I’m thinking #blackboybrilliance.

black mens hair
Photo: BitterKittens