We are only a few weeks away from the midterm elections. It’s important that you know who is on the ballot so you can make informed decisions. Likewise, it’s important to recognize representation in politics.

Enter 10 dope women. Each of these women are working to progress the political landscape for their communities, that Obama wanted to recognize them with his official endorsement.

 The Obamas continue to use their voice for political progress.

While Michelle gears up to help drive people to the polls this November because “there’s too much at stake to sit on the sidelines,” former President Obama is giving his seal of approval to democratic candidates across the country.

See his full list of preferred candidates here.

1. Stacey Abrams

Running for the governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams has made waves nationally in her historic run. See her recent interview with Trevor Noah.

2. Deidre Dejear

In Iowa, the Secretary of State will hold critical positions on state boards and commissions, including the Voter Registration Commission.  FYI, Iowa has had some pushback on the latest Voter ID law.

3. Shelly Hutchinson

“I want my 14-year-old African American son to start his journey driving in the state of Georgia without fear that he will be killed for a traffic violation.” We do too, Shelly. We do too. Shelly is running for Georgia House, District 107.

4. Juliana Stratton

Juliana Stratton is running for lieutenant governor in Illinois alongside JB Pritzker, the Democratic candidate for governor.

5. Lauren Underwood

Lauren is the first woman to receive party nomination in her district’s history. She is running for Congress representing Illinois’ district 14. 

6. Sydney Batch

North Carolina House in District 37. Sydney is supported by NC’s governor Roy Cooper.

7. Stephanie Howse

Stephanie is the incumbent representative of Ohio’s district 11 in the state house. She’s up for reelection this November.

8. Erica Crawley

Erica is the democratic nominee for state representative for Ohio’s 26th district. You may have heard Erica speak on some of the challenges facing black candidates at the Black Campaign School.

9. Tavia Galonski

Tavia is the incumbent for district 35 in the Ohio State house. This November, she is up for re-election. Did you know that the special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district is too close to call? Your vote counts!

10. Adrienne Bell

Adrienne is running for Congress in Texas, district 14. Currently, Texas is last in percentage of adults with healthcare. Your elected House Rep may be voting on critical healthcare legislation this upcoming session.

Remember, midterms are important because these are the people who help or rightfully hinder a president’s initiatives. Get out and vote this November.