The Jonesboro, Georgia, community in Clayton County is celebrating the opportunity to buy black the next time they need to fill up their tanks. Colisha Hicks and her fiancé Fatz opened a Citgo gas station and managed to inspire their friends and neighbors at the same time. According to long-time residents, the business is the first black-owned gas station in Clayton County.

Hicks and her fiancé went viral online after community organizer Torrey Tomlinson posted about the opening of their gas station on Facebook and encouraged people to support it.

Clayton County's population is 65 percent black, but the community explained to WXIA-TV that the business owners in the area don't reflect that. The community is embracing the new business and are inspired by seeing black business owners in their own community.

“We should have something to contribute to our people and let our people know that we can do the same thing that everybody else does,” Fatz said during an interview with WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

The new business owners said they want to inspire the youth in Jonesboro to get out and hustle and work hard to make their dreams a reality. The couple and their new business have also been spotlighted in the national #BuyBackTheBlock movement, which is being used to encourage conversation about black ownership in black communities.

Hicks and Fatz are planning to have an official grand opening event in mid-August to celebrate and bring the community together.