Members of one Indianapolis community are swarming to Indy Fresh Market, a Black-owned grocery store in a food-deserted area that’s been two years in the making.

For decades, the community’s access to affordable, healthy food options was limited due to the absence of grocery stores within convenient traveling distance, WISH TV reported. On Oct. 11, that all changed when Indy Food Market opened its doors.

As owners, Michael McFarland and Marckus Williams, who reside in the Arlington Woods region, wanted to be part of the solution.

“Feeding low-access and low-income citizens is a passion of mine,” Williams said.

Community member Michael Sahir was the first to purchase an item at the grocery store.

“I waited for a long time for this. We have waited for this,” Sahir told Wish TV. “I live a literal five houses down the street, so to see this come back to the neighborhood, that’s needed and appreciated. I said, ‘I want to be the first paying customer to come in,’ so I ran inside and bought me a bottle of ketchup. I got my receipt, I got proof. Maybe they’ll sign it for me.”

Sahir sees the new grocery store as a true sign of progression for his town.

“It’s overneeded, you know? I’ve been in this neighborhood for 33 years now and have seen the transformations, so it is very much needed,” he said. “Super needed for those who just don’t have the means to get to a decent grocery store. I walked around. This is a very decent grocery store, very special.”

Indy Food Market also offers convenient options for customers with in-store pickup and at-home delivery services.

The supermarket’s opening was made possible through a community revitalization plan created through a partnership between Cook Medical Group and Goodwill Commercial Services. The project is meant to economically advance and benefit the community. One hundred new jobs have been created with a projected one-time impact of $11.1 million and an annual increase of $4.6 million in revenue.

Indy Food Market’s grand opening will happen on Oct. 24.