The amount of black travelers has seen an exponential increase since the 2016 presidential election, Vice News reports. Many black-owned travel companies are connecting travelers to their dream vacations and likely inadvertently helping black people get away from the current political chaos in the United States. 

African Americans were more likely to travel abroad in the last year than the average person, according to MMGY Global, one of the largest travel research firms.  

Up in the Air Life owner, Claire Soares plans detailed trips for minorities with hopes of soothing any anxiety that may come with living in the U.S. as a person of color. Her site has seen a increase in visitors, and those seeking travel advice have kept her increasingly busy. 

“There’s been a realization that has occurred with black people since Trump came to office,” Soares told Vice News. “We may have thought things were good, but I think we realize things are not as they seem. People that we thought were our friends and we cheer for, they are not really cheering for us.”

Platforms intended for black travel enthusiasts, such as Black and Abroad and Travel Noire have also reported seeing a rise in popularity as they have tapped into a market previously underrepresented. 

Kent Johnson, Black and Abroad co-founder, reported seeing an increase in traffic to his site after the 2016 election. 

“We saw an increase in people looking for safe spaces, looking for ways to be unapologetically themselves with the changing of the guard with this manic office right now,” Johnson told Vice News. “If you remember there were all these articles like ‘Where would you move if Trump got into office?’”

Similarly, Cherae Robinson, the CEO of Tastemakers Africa, has noticed a 131 percent increase in black people seeking help with moving to Africa through her site. Tastemakers Africa specializes in aiding to connect travelers with African citizens who can help them transition to the motherland.

“We believe it’s a combination of weariness on the current state of the U.S., and a general sense that people are looking for things that are authentic right now,” Robinson told Vice News

Whether it be President Donald Trump, other U.S. citizens, or the continuous racially-motivated incidents against people of color, black people are starting to pack their bags and get out while they can.