All criminal charges against a Black ranching couple in Colorado arrested on felony stalking have been dropped. 

On May 11, the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office dismissed all charges against Courtney “CW” Mallery and his wife, Nicole. During their trial, their allegations of racial discrimination and law enforcement cover-ups gained national attention.

“We are pleased with this outcome and recognize the district attorney’s office for reaching this conclusion,” The couple’s attorneys, Tyrone Glover, Matthew Roche and Jeremy Loew, said in a joint statement. “While justice has been served today, the fight for individual, law enforcement and prosecutorial accountability are far from over.”

The couple owns Freedom Acres Ranch, a 640-acre ranch in rural Yoder, a predominantly white town 100 miles southeast of Denver. CPR News reported The EL Paso County police arrested the Mallerys on February 6. The documented charges were felony stalking, tampering with a utility meter and petty theft. 

The charges resulted from an ongoing feud with their neighbors, Teresa and Bonnie Clark. For two years, the couples argued over ownership of Truckton Road, a strip of land leading to both the Mallery and Clark properties. The couple says they own the road, even though it is the only way to access the Clarks’ property.