A Black UPS driver filmed herself receiving a citation from San Francisco police officers for allegedly double-parking her vehicle while delivering packages, KRON reports. The driver, Nakisha Ferguson, used her cellphone to film the interaction on Dec. 7 as she was approached by three officers demanding that she sign the summons or be sent to jail.

Ferguson posted the video to TikTok, and it racked up more than 2.2 million views. In the video, she becomes irate, saying she's being discriminated against by SFPD for being double-parked while delivering a package.

"I am a UPS driver in full brown. Delivering packages. And I get pulled over for double-parking for two seconds to deliver a f**king package," she says in the video.

One officer walks toward Ferguson in a futile attempt to deescalate the situation and another officer tries to convince her to sign the ticket, all while Ferguson declares her innocence.

"I'm not signing nothing. I am at work delivering my packages," she says. "I wanna see you pull over somebody else, another driver."

As the video continues, Ferguson declines to sign the ticket and requests that the officers contact their supervisor.

Onlookers on the other side of the street voice their support for her. However, despite her protest, Ferguson caves in and signed the citation.


Almost Arrested

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"I got in my truck, and I cried hysterically. I called my boss and told them that I was just about to get arrested for double-parking," Ferguson recalled.

Despite the incident, Ferguson said she just wants to continue doing her job.

"I just want to make sure that I can give them their products when they are supposed to have it. We deliver to businesses that keep the flow of San Francisco going," she told the news station.

Ferguson, who has worked for UPS for three years, argues in the video clip that she sees drivers from Amazon and FedEx double-parking.

"I feel like if I wasn't this young black girl, I wouldn't have got a ticket," Ferguson told KRON. "I probably would have got a warning. A siren to move your vehicle."

San Francisco isn't known for having a lot of parking spaces, according to KRON. The once accessible streets have been replaced by restaurant parklets and bike-share docking stations.

"I pull over everywhere on this street. There is nowhere for me to park. I go up and down the Haight," Ferguson said of the parking situation.

"It is rare to find parking in San Francisco. You get civilians parking in commercial zones," she added.