Jazell Barbie Royale is wearing her crown with pride as the first Black American trans woman to hold the coveted title of "Miss International Queen."

Per the South China Post, the 31-year-old competed in the transgender beauty pageant held in Thailand on Friday.

Royale competed against 19 other women from various countries including Brazil and Peru. The Florida native took home the Best Talent award on top of her prestigious win.

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In an interview with Travel News Asia, the Florida native admitted how hard it was for her to decide to compete in the international pageant. 

“It was hard coming here to Thailand to compete for this pageant because there is no one else in the past that has won that looks like me,” Royale said. “There was no one in the pageant this year that looks like me, or even close. So that was kind of hard and sometimes I’ve had my doubts, my feelings like am I wasting my time? Will I be treated equally? Will I even be considered to be the winner?”

Royale hopes to open a dialogue about trans people, from allies to those "that don’t like us or don’t understand us." 

“I want them to see that we’re beautiful, we’re educated, we’re talented, and we can maneuver in society just like anyone else,” she continued.

During the competition, Royale urged against President Trump running for a second term. As Blavity previously reported, Trump's administration proposed an initiative last October which would redefine gender solely based on a person’s genitals. The plan would eliminate protection for over 1.4 million transgender people in the U.S.

Last year, Thailand hosted the Miss Universe pageant, which included its first trans contestant. 

Royale, an HIV activist and community leader, would like to use her new platform to educate people about HIV testing, medical care and safe sex.

Continue making waves, Royale.

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