Yes, you read that right. A Tumblr dedicated to movies directed by Black women exists ,and it’s called Black Women Directors. Let’s all take a moment to praise Black Jesus for this discovery. This list has an interesting variety of films, both new and old. Some of them you might even recognize, such as Selma or Love & Basketball. Below are a few trailers for movies you should check out.

Below are a few movies you should check out, both for your enjoyment and to support Black women directors.

Yelling to the Sky (2011)

Directed by Victoria Mahoney

As her family falls apart, Sweetness O’Hara, 17, is left to fend for herself in a neighborhood where her survival is uncertain.

Gone Too Far (2013)

Directed by Destiny Ekaragha

This comedy, set in London, follows two estranged brothers as they meet for the first time and struggle to accept each other over the course of a single day. Yemi can’t wait for his big brother to join him on the estate in Peckham, but when Ikudayisi arrives from Nigeria wearing socks and sandals, Yemi questions both his judgment and his African heritage. A day on the estate filled with danger and excitement teaches both of them the values of family and self-respect. Based on Bola Agbaje’s 2007 award-winning play.

Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. (1992)

Directed by Leslie Harris

Chantel Mitchell, a high school junior in Brooklyn, is smart and has dreams of going to college to become a doctor. However, her sharp tongue, ego and occasional naïveté undermine her efforts.