If you have been following any of your favorite YouTubers on Snapchat you may have noticed a black convention of sorts. The #YouTubeBlack summit taking place this week in Los Angeles has brought together some of the most creative content makers and influencers on The Internet to connect, network, listen and share wisdom among each other and some of the biggest names in the tech, media, lifestyle, and entertainment industries

Although what is actually happening at this black conference is being kept on the hush hush, based upon the images and videos seen on social media platforms, we can only imagine what some of the best creatives on The Internet have up their sleeves. Take a look at some of the amazing moments that are taking place at #YouTubeBlack

1. The speeches and interviews between YouTube creators and content influencers

Wanda Sykes interviewed by Buzzfeed writer and producer, Quinta Brunson Lisa Price, founder and CEO of Carol's Daughter interviewed by Jackie Aina Actor, director, writer extraordinaire Nate Parker interviewed by Jayar Jackson Activist and Baltimore, Maryland Mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson delivering the keynote address

2. The subsequent gem dropping and insightful messages that were shared during those talks

3. The necessary conversations being had about fixing the problems with YouTube functionality

4. The connections and collaborations that are happening between some of out favorite media voices

5. The lituations that occur after hours

6. The positive admiration and reflections that are supporting the work these creators are doing to be a voice in the emerging and innovative creative industry

7. The meet-ups between YouTubers and their loyal subscribers

8. All the black hair, black love, black brilliance and radiating positive energy surrounding the events

The black excellence is definitely reigning supreme at #YouTubeBlack. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Share them with us in the comments.

Photo: giphy
Photo: giphy

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