Blavity Exclusive: Eric Holder on Airbnb's anti-discrimination policy

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| November 21 2016,

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Airbnb has been heralded as a brilliant startup for its success in revolutionizing short and long term lodging and disrupting markets worldwide. However, the company's insurmountable success has also been met with numerous amounts of criticism, particularly for the amount of discrimination that occurs on the platform. After Gregory Selden's case, the hashtag, #airbnbwhileblack, and a Harvard study that proved African Americans are less likely to receive bookings on Airbnb, the company realized they had not taken racism and discrimination into account when designing the product

The 32-page report is made up of eight key changes they plan to implement immediately:

Blavity sat down with Holder to discuss his decision to join Airbnb, users' apprehensions about the policy, and his thoughts on the post-election racial climate of the United States.

The New York TimesThe New Yorker.

In the larger scheme of things, I expressed to Holder that conversations around race and tackling discrimination begin to feel elusive during such an overtly racist period in our history, he shared the following words of wisdom and comfort:

millennials, you’re the generation that is soon going to control this country, you’re the future, and you’re crucial to the future of this country.

What are your thoughts on Airbnb's anti-discrimination policy? Share in the comments below.

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