Blavity is widely known as one of the best spaces on the web to get the latest information on everything Black. But it’s also a place for you to share your thoughts on the latest in local and national news, politics, viral social media moments, relationships, health and many other things that affect our culture and drive us to talk.

Blavity Op-Eds is where you can share your opinion/perspective to our audience — and the process is super easy.


1. Create a submissions account by going to and clicking SUBMIT A STORY at the top navigation bar.

2. On the following page, click REGISTER located below the sign-in box.

3. In the USERNAME field, type the writer’s name. This will be the byline appearing on published stories. In the EMAIL field, type the address you’d like to be contacted. Click REGISTER.

4. Check your email and look for a message from WordPress ([Blavity Site] Login Details). Click the first link to set your password. (The second link is for the login page. You may want to save this for quick access once your password is set.)

5. You can choose to enter a new password or generate one automatically. Click SAVE PASSWORD.

6. The next page will confirm that your password has been reset. Click “Log in.”


Only submit original, unpublished content. Content that has been previously published on other sites will not be accepted.

  1. On the log-in page, enter your username (or email address) and password. Click “Log In.”
  2. The following page is your dashboard. On the left-hand column, hover over POSTS, click ADD NEW.
  3. Insert the title of your story in the “ADD TITLE” block. Insert your story in the “TYPE / to choose a block”
  4. After completing the upload, click PUBLISH. A pop-up will appear, asking you to SUBMIT FOR REVIEW. Click the button.
  5. Feel free to continue editing (make sure to save your changes) or log out.

NOTE: The preview does not reflect how the story will look on the site. Please ignore this feature.

If you need some direction or inspiration, check out previous op-eds from the Blavity community! A good idea would also be to check out our news section and voice your perspective on one of our recent stories.