For college students, the semester is almost over. You can practically taste your bed at home, and you’re ready to close your laptop once and for all. Finals, mid-terms, and testing season is honestly the most dreadful part about being in college. Cramming your schedule with study time, barely getting enough sleep, and feeling like no matter what you do you just can’t remember the material you’re being tested on. On top of all of that, professors don’t make it any easier on us by piling homework assignments on our plate as well. You can do well throughout the whole semester- turning work in on time, passing quizzes, being an active participant, but if you mess up on your final your grade is completely ruined. It’s stressful and it’s another aspect of college no one ever really takes time out to prep you for, they just expect for you to be able to handle it. To open that conversation up, I want to share with you all some tips I’ve picked up from friends, family, and through trial and error of how to better approach the dreaded midterm season. Keep reading!