1. Last weekend Afropunk, or The Convention of Beautiful Black Folk turned up in Brooklyn. Editor in Chief Jonathan Jackson has some dope reflections from the festival.
  2. A former Civil Right Movement Activist had some dismissive words for the #BlackLivesMatter generation. While respecting your elders is real, we had to clap back. This ain’t your great aunt’s resistance. 
  3. Known predator and talentless rapper Tyga released a mixtape this week (news to us too) sharing some deeply vulgar words about his teenage girlfriend Kylie Jenner. #BlackTwitter dragged him back to the cave though. 
  4. This weekend Wiz Khalifa was violently arrested by police in LAX Airport for riding a “hoverboard”. So while the future looks cool for transit, still not so cool for Black folk. 
  5. Meanwhile in wine country, a group of Black women were asked to get off a wine tasting bus for laughing too much (yes, you read that right). You ain’t gone treat my grandmama like that. 
  6. Across the coast, a Rhode Island police officer pulled over and harassed a Black man because of the driver’s air freshener. Yes all the aforementioned words are true. Living while Black is hard, y’all.
  7. Falsetto muppet The Weeknd released visuals for his new Kanye produced track “Tell Your Friends” this week. With his next album debuting on Friday, things look exciting for our second favorite Canadian. 
  8. Speaking of Kanye West, the self-titled “god” will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at MTV’s Video Music Awards. *hopes T-Swift isn’t in the front row dancing*   
  9. Black girls are magic and should be reminded everyday. The #Blavityfam compiled some important things Black girls need to hear more often. 
  10. As Sandra Bland’s name stays fresh on our hearts, the racial profile of the Grand Jury in her homicide case lacks diversity, giving many seeking justice concern. #SayHerName.

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