Longtime viewers of BET, who are hoping for the network to return to its glory days, have co-signed Bow Wow's desire to become a top executive at the company. 

The rapper excited viewers on Monday when he discussed his hopes of reviving the Black platform, which has axed many of its music programs and other popular shows.

"My only dream job now is I want to take over BET. I want a high position. I was blessed to host but NOW I want an office," the 33-year-old tweeted. "I want to run and come up with content for the network. I know what they missing. All you have to do is LISTEN to the people."

Bow Wow then offered up a list of shows he would bring back to the network which many championed. The list includes Rap City, as well as 106 & Park, which would be available digitally and on TV. The music icon also said he wants the late-night music video program Uncut to return as an online-only series.

Social media users said the music programs would provide a pivotal opportunity for today's up-and-coming artists.

For some fans, who are tired of seeing reruns on the network, it would be a relief to see the return of the classic music programs.

In addition to bringing back the music programs, the "Basketball" rapper said he would adapt to the current time, making the shows available both on TV and online.

The plan is exactly what fans have been wanting to hear for a long time.

While Bow Wow publicly asked the network for a job interview, saying he wants to meet with the executives this week, fans also expressed confidence in the rapper's ability to get the job done.

Showing love for HBCUs, Bow Wow said one of his goals is to bring back the popular program, College Hill.

Viewers said the return of College Hill would signal a significant change for the network.

Noting the impact BET has made for himself and for dozens of other artists, Bow Wow said it's disappointing to see that the channel is now failing to give the same opportunity to upcoming musicians.

Because BET means so much to me. Hit helped launch careers. Its sad to see where they at. Its sad to see celebs not caring about the awards. Its said that THEY ALWAYS GET TROLLED CONSTANTLY. I see whats missing. They are NOT LISTENING TO THE VIEWERS. it starts there. https://t.co/zqimZJCBEk

— Bow Wow (@smoss) December 14, 2020

With the "Let Me Hold You" rapper at the helm, the network could possibly shift the focus back to music instead of sitcoms. 

Responding to a fan who asked about programming for children, the 33-year-old said he would have cartoons on Saturday morning. The artist also detailed his plans for Sundays, saying he would want gospel icons Kirk Franklin and TD Jakes to have a show.

Although there is doubt among some fans, who don't believe it's realistic to sustain a channel dedicated to music, Bow Wow remains confident.

In response to a Twitter user who suggested for the Columbus, Ohio native to work for Diddy's network, REVOLT, the rapper said he didn't get the position he wants when he tried to join the team.

In the meantime, the legendary artist is staying busy with other projects. On Wednesday, Bow Wow announced the latest initiative for the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation, which is providing $100,000 to cover the cost of urgent medical care for sick dogs.

"Experiencing a 150% increase in grant applications as compared to 2019, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation strongly responded to the heightened need for the financial assistance from families, rescue groups and animal shelters," the organization said in a statement. "Successfully increasing the total number of dog medical grants year-over-year, the Foundation activated a series of meaningful fundraisers to support the influx of requests."