British Formula 1 race driver Lewis Hamilton purchased a table at the Met Gala on Monday for rising Black fashion designers.

Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, invited four Black emerging designers to his table, which, according to CNET, cost over $275,000 and can be excluding to rising artists. Major designers typically purchase tables and invite celebrities who they've dressed for the night. Additionally, individual tickets can cost over $30,000 for the star-studded night.

Hamilton said he was inspired to invite his guests as he fights to "champion and empower young people from underrepresented groups" in the United Kingdom. 

"We're living in a time where diversity and inclusion is so important, and that's something I'm fighting for in my industry," he said.

"I realized it's very similar within the fashion industry. A lot of brands, young designers don't have the same opportunities, and the Met is the biggest fashion event of the year. In this theme, I wanted to create something that was meaningful and it's something that will start and spark a conversation. When people see us all together, it will put these Black designers at the top of peoples' minds," he said.

During a red carpet interview with Keke Palmer, Hamilton thanked Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for hosting his table.

As for his own outfit to the fashion-forward event, Hamilton was dressed in a custom suit by American designer Kenneth Nicholson. The champion walked the red carpet wearing a lace calf-length button-up shirt. 

Hamilton said Nicholson's "craftsmanship and point of view advances menswear in truly inspiring ways."

Monday's event marked Hamilton's sixth appearance at the Met Gala. He's worked alongside Tommy Hilfiger and attends fashion week events regularly.

In addition to fighting for diversity in the fashion world, Hamilton is working toward diversity F1 racing. He launched The Hamilton Commission and a joint program with Mercedes called Ignite.