The 18-year-old eldest son of Lakers star and four-time NBA champion LeBron James is set to enter his first year of college at the University of Southern California this fall. 

With Bronny James as a new commit to their men’s basketball program, national attention and hyped scrutiny have USC taking extreme measures to prepare for the anticipated buzz that will accompany his presence in the 2023-24 season.

“This year, to contend with the star power, the school could create a separate entrance for celebrities and other VIPs who want to watch Bronny and USC men’s basketball,” ESPN’s Myron Medcalf reported Thursday. “It also plans to adjust security measures for players as general attendance increases.”

The Sierra Canyon High graduate will surely be an attraction, even without the fame attached to his superstar father. According to 247Sports’ composite rankings, Bronny is considered a five-star recruit. He is also the Class of 2023’s No. 21 player, the No. 5 combo guard and the No. 4 player from California. 

The projected 2024 NBA lottery pick (per ESPN), No. 1-ranked prospect Isaiah Collier and four-star recruit Arrinten Page make up an intriguing freshman class sure to make home games one of the hottest tickets in town.

This attention calls for very intentional proceedings by school officials, local police and private security personnel to protect Bronny’s on-campus experience.

“There is an added tier here, an added level, for sure, with the family ties Bronny comes with and the friends that not only he has but that his family has, and the following that could follow him and come to games on any given night,” Craig Kelley, USC’s chief marketing officer and associate athletic director, told ESPN. “It’s up to us to prepare.”

Despite joining a class already inclusive of the children of celebrities, politicians and well-known athletes, Bronny is a basketball royal family member, likely to draw crowds in a sport not known for hosting players with security details such as Bronny’s.

“Basketball-wise, you just need that big name to come there and bring that attention, and he’s the perfect person for that,” Chicago Bulls star and former USC standout DeMar DeRozan said on Paul George’s “Podcast P.”

“I think the way he comes in, the way he’ll handle it, and the attention he’s going to bring, I think it’s going to push USC to another level that we haven’t seen,” he added.


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It’s up in the air whether his 38-year-old legendary father will continue to compete at the highest levels of the NBA to achieve his dream to one day play with Bronny or finally leave the game this offseason. Regardless, the spotlight on Bronny’s collegiate career will persist — leaving USC no choice but to prepare now for the intrigue and anticipation he will bring.