A Buffalo School Board district member has come under fire for acting unprofessionally during a Zoom video conference with other board members.

According to WGRZ-2 News, Paulette Woods appeared fed up during a heated Nov. 18 online board meeting on which she dropped f-bombs, flipped a bird and seemingly drank wine, an allegation she has since disputed despite an appearance to the contrary. 

The now-viral video has sparked outrage among the local community, and Woods has since apologized, WGRZ reported.

“We have a board member that’s giving people the finger,” fellow board member Larry Scott said after the incident. “There is a board member that was just swearing and giving the middle finger to everybody on the screen.”

It's unclear exactly what Woods said in the moment but the meeting was adjourned soon after the explosive interaction. 

It was also unclear who was the target of Woods' words, but she later called into a local radio show on Saturday to apologize to students, parents and fellow board members, according to WGRZ.

“I want to start by publicly apologizing to the parents, students, my constituents, my fellow elected officials, office and staff, and the Western New York community at large for displaying offensive body language and facial gestures during a very emotionally charged board of education meeting a couple of weeks ago,” the outspoken leader expressed.

“I allowed my emotions to run over, and I acted in a way that did not represent my best self,” she added.

She also cried foul at claims that she was drinking wine, stating that it was cranberry juice.

Reactions to Woods’ behavior were mixed on social media. Some thought she should be reprimanded, have her position rescinded and questioned her ability as a decision-maker for students in the district.

Other Twitter users saw nothing but a praiseworthy appeal of the thuggish-ruggish nature in Woods.

According to her bio on the school board’s website, Woods is also a decorated Army veteran, a Silver-member of the NAACP, an executive member of the Black Chamber of Commerce and an ordained member of Fellowship World Church.