A 22-year-old California man was killed by cops in his own backyard over the weekend. 

Since the shooting death of Stephon Clark on Sunday night, there have been a number of conflicting reports on what he was carrying at the time of the fatal shooting. Sacramento police said they initially believed Clark was carrying a firearm. They later alleged the object was a "tool bar" that he reportedly "extended in front of him" while walking toward the officers. Officers claim they were responding to reports of a person breaking windows in the area. 

However, the Sacramento Police Department has now confirmed that Clark was carrying a cell phone according to The Sacramento Bee. The cell phone was the only object found near his body. 

“He didn't have a … gun,” exclaimed Mase Tremaine, who knew Clark for about three years. “Why are you going to shoot somebody multiple times?”

Black Lives Matter's Sacramento chapter held a march in Clark's honor on Monday evening. According to FOX Sacramento, the BLM chapter is set to launch a "Copwatch" program so that more people are trained to record similar police shootings and police brutality incidents on video. 

Your silence will not save you. 
Your silence is killing human beings. #StephenClark deserved to live. __________________ deserved to live. 
I will not let you forget. 
You should never want to forget. pic.twitter.com/rh0QqggkBQ
— Justice For Stephen Clark (@KhalypsoThePoet) March 20, 2018

"They put out a press release stating that they feared for their lives and he lunged at them, but he was shot four times in his back," said Tanya Faison, the rally's organizer via ABC Sacramento. "He was also shot and killed in his own backyard, so we have a lot of questions. There are a lot of inconsistencies. We need the police to stop killing us in Sacramento."

"I am always sorry when someone loses their young life," said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. "I am also grateful that the officers were unharmed."

Sgt. Vance Chandler confirmed that the footage will include video from Sacramento County sheriff's deputies in the helicopter. Steinberg noted that he supported the investigation and Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn's "intent to expediate the release of all relevant video."