A few weeks ago, I hosted a party for one during my Periscope broadcast in celebration of my 10th broadcast show.

I started my Periscope journey back in March of this year after sitting in the office one day, thinking to myself, what can I do to get people more interested in hearing what I have to say? After a few short minutes, I remember reading a blog post online that mentioned this new phenomenon called ‘scoping.’ That was the day I knew I could no longer be silent and had to get my messages out there. I called up my Creative Director (who also happens to be my fiancé) and said “Hey babe, we’re recording a live show tonight at 8:30 p.m. and I need your help rearranging the furniture and making sure the lighting is absolutely perfect.”

He didn’t ask me any questions and was 100 percent game. I sat at my desk shortly after thinking what in the world am I going to talk about for 30 minutes LIVE? Typing is one thing, but sitting in front of the camera is an entirely different story.

Fast forward a few hours, I put together a really cute blog post about spring cleaning and the importance of making room for new things in our lives, logged onto my Periscope account and, to my surprise, there I had 31 live viewers from New York, Oklahoma, California, Russia & even London!

I couldn’t believe it. My very first broadcast and people showed up for me. I was on cloud 9.

What do I talk about next week? was all I could focus on from that moment on. Approximately four months later, I celebrated.

It’s super important to celebrate your small victories (no matter how small they might be). They serve as opportunities to acknowledge that you’ve accomplished your short-term goals.

Here are 3 tips on why you should celebrate your small wins

1. Build your self-esteem

Celebrating small victories promotes self-confidence and reminds us there truly is nothing in the world we absolutely cannot do once we make a decision to be consistent and go for it!

2. Self-motivate

The ability to cross a small victory off your list motivates you to keep pushing forward and working toward the next action item on your to-do list.

3. It’s your turn

You’ve put the work in, the time, the sweat, the dedication, and now you deserve to celebrate your achievements.

Here are examples of small wins worth celebrating:

  • The completion of a goal or challenge
  • Starting a new chapter in your life (starting a business, career change, new baby, new apartment, etc.)
  • Meeting fitness goals
  • Standing up for yourself
  • Saying “Yes!” to a new opportunities
  • Having an extra zero in your bank account (this one’s my favorite)

Remember, we all have small wins, and each win creates the opportunity for us to learn something new from the experience. That’s how we grow — by continuously learning. That in itself deserves to be celebrated; so remember to find time to celebrate your small wins. You never know who you might be inspiring along the way.

What are some small wins you’ve celebrated? What would add to the list of things to be celebrated? Let us know in the comments below!

You can keep up with Karlet on Periscope during her livestream broadcast on Monday nights at 8:30 p.m. EST and/or follow her on Instagram @forever_karle.

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