In a new video, Cardi B decries the global hegemony as cold and uncaring. 

Responding to the news that slave traders are thriving in Libya, Cardi B puts on a hat we haven’t seen much of from her before: that of political analyst. 

Calling the situation in Libya “shameful and disgusting,” Cardi asks how things deteriorated to this point in the country.

Briefly, things in Libya are like this: the Islamic State holds part of the country; as Voice of America reports, the U.S. is currently bombing them. A unity government has emerged to rule over the rest after years of fighting and division, although as The National Interest reports, there are at least three major factions within that government struggling for control.

Cardi reminds us that the country got into this mess because Libya “hasn’t had a president or any type of government running them for kind of a long time right now.”

Everything started going downhill with the death of dictator Muammar Qaddafi in 2011, Cardi suggests, reminding us that “the n*gga that was running Libya … been gone.”

But why? Why would the U.S. go in and kill a dictator then leave the country to figure everything out on its own?

Money, Cardi believes.

“You wanna know why they not making it a priority? … You wanna know why they don’t care? Because it’s convenient for them,” Cardi says. “It’s convenient for them because they want free resources, they want free goods, and that’s why they don’t give a f*ck.” 

And it’s not just the U.S. that is a colonial aggressor, Cardi tells us — it’s all of the nations of the U.N.

“The United Nations … is always on some f*cking bullsh*t all the time,” Cardi says. It’s not until “they get exposed on CNN, that’s why they wanna act like they having a type of meeting and sh*t, they wanna do these fake meetings with these cameras and sh*t, like they helping and they care, and they don’t give a f*ck.”

 But they should, care, Cardi argues, because the situation is now so dire that only the U.N. could help. 

“And us, the people, as much as we say, ‘Pray for this, pray for that,’ it’s just like, sometime it seems like we can’t really help. But those people, the United Nations and these countries, they could help. They just don’t f*cking want to, because it’s convenient for them.”

You can watch Cardi B’s full remarks on the situation below: