Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are still at odds, and according to Cardi's recent interview, it seems the chances of that changing are slim to none.

During a Harper's Bazaar Fashion Week party, the pair made it 100% clear their beef wasn't going to expire anytime soon.

As Blavity previously reported, Cardi B was seen on camera throwing her shoe at the famed "Barbie Dreams" rapper while the two exchanged words at New York City's Plaza Hotel. Both were escorted from the event to prevent any further clashes. Up until that point, the two were only rumored to be at odds. Following the altercation, both shared their very distinct points of view in regards to how the drama unfolded.

Well, that was nearly seven months ago. Elle reports Marc Malkin, a reporter for Variety, caught up with the "Please Me" artist on the red carpet on Friday and inquired as to whether there is any chance the two emcees will reconcile anytime soon.

"Ever a chance that you and Nicki [Minaj] would make up and perform together?" he asked.

With a forced smile and a blank stare, Cardi — uncharacteristically — said nothing at all.

Malkin took the hint and attempted to break the awkward moment with Cardi's soon-to-be trademarked catchphrase, "okurrr!"

Letting out an elongated laugh with a slight twist to the left and right, Cardi responded rather loudly without saying a word. The new mom is not interested in playing friends.

The interviewer added, "I like your laugh" and seemingly pushed the conversation forward.

Still, the absence of a response spoke more than one at all.

Perhaps more time and space will resolve the issues for good. In the meantime, let's allow the ladies to continue excelling separately and far from one other's reach.

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