In a development few could have predicted, iconic singer Dionne Warwick has become one of the most hilarious commentators on Twitter. 

The legendary diva has had thousands roaring with laughter as she learns to use the site and shares comical tidbits from her life about everything from having to learn what a "hot girl" is to the ridiculous playlists people create with her music. 

Warwick, who turns 80 next week, has quickly become the queen of Twitter and had her fans in tears this weekend when she commented on the strange trend of singers and rappers adding "the" to their name. 

She went on to clown other artists using "the" in their names.

Warwick was clearly having a good time with the website all the while keeping us laughing. 

Chance The Rapper even responded to the tweets. 

Warwick then floated the idea that she may want to rap sometime soon.

She then moved on to The Weeknd.

Many people assumed that it was not actually Warwick tweeting from her account because of how honest, and hilarious, some of the tweets were. 

But the singing legend quickly shut that down. 

Came here to find foolishness in my replies. I am rushing to into an interview and this is the last time I’m saying this. Thanks.

— Dionne Warwick (@_DionneWarwick) December 7, 2020

She later tweeted that it was all in good fun and that she was inspired to start a Twitter account because of her niece. 

"It’s all in good fun. Of course, I am just kidding. Those talented young men were good sports & very respectful! Enjoy your Sunday. Stay kind," she wrote.