“Church Girl,” a favorite track of fans from Beyoncé‘s latest album, Renaissance, wasn’t meant for her. No ID, the producer who created the song’s beat, shared in a recent interview it was supposed to be a JAY-Z record.

“I was at [JAY-Z’s] house one day, and I had some equipment with me, and I just started making a beat,” the 52-year-old told Stereogum. “And he was rapping to it, it was for him. And he just put it in the computer, I never thought about it again, I literally forgot about it.”

No ID said he got a call one day and then a few others in a row, making him think “something” was happening: “Hey, do you have this idea? Beyonce got somethin’ to it.” And Jay jokingly tells me, “Man, she stole my beat. She was like, ‘Remember that idea in the computer that you didn’t finish?'”

The producer added he went to see Bey, and they talked about the record and listened to her album.

“Church Girl” is a clear musical departure from the house album. The track has a much more soulful sound, which No ID said was Beyoncé’s vision for their collaboration.

“When she was doing a house album, I was like, ‘Aw man, I wanna do some house,’ and she goes, ‘Nah, we got this “Church Girl” record,'” he said. “I was a house DJ before I did hip-hop. Actually, the first records I did were house, at like 13 years old.”

Because of its distinctly different musicality, “Church Girl” is a standout track that sparked fan debate, and No ID calls the song art.

“Argue, say whatever you want, think what you want. I know people that don’t like it, I know people that love it and swear by it. Usually when music is divisive that means it’s something new. To each their own, some people like raspberry ice cream too,” he said.

As Blavity previously reported, Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, which ended in early October, was a smashing success, breaking records for raking in $579 million over 39 performances.