Civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt is demanding answers regarding the death of a Black woman who was found hanging in her white roommate’s garage in Texas.

Gloria Bambo went missing on July 9 and was found by her white male roommate, hanging in his garage, on July 12, according to the U.S. Sun. A Facebook user named Jamilla Arnold initially posted about Bambo’s death, alleging that the 20-year-old died the same day she went missing.

“Gloria’s body was in that garage 3 days, where people resided, and repairs were made,” the post read.

After the story began circulating on social media, the McKinney Police Department posted to Twitter, stating that Bambo’s death is believed to be a suicide.

“A number of posts on social media have speculated about the death of Gloria Bambo, a 20-year-old Black female,” the post read. “Ms. Bambo’s body was discovered by her 19-year-old male housemate who has fully cooperated during the investigation. All evidence in the case so far leads investigators to believe it was suicide.”

The statement said the results from the medical examiner are still pending and that police have not found any evidence that would lead them to believe it was a homicide.

“This case is still under investigation and is not closed at this time. We are committed to a complete, thorough investigation of Ms. Bambo’s tragic death and we grieve the tragic loss of this promising, young life,” the post read.

Merritt, who is representing Ahmaud Arbery’s family, addressed McKinney Mayor George Fuller in a post on Instagram, asking for answers.

People on Twitter are demanding more answers, as many do not believe it was a suicide.

The Collin County chapter of the NAACP said it will not accept the roommate’s statement alone and will only consider it among other evidence.

Twitter user @ImNotJanel, who has since made their account private, posted a statement on behalf of Bambo’s roommate, according to Revolt. The statement said that Bambo was experiencing mental health issues, was estranged from her family and had been recently fired from her job. The statement also detailed the events that led to her body being discovered in his garage.

A petition demanding justice for Bambo has been created. The petition states that police have withheld information from her family.

You can sign the "Justice for Gloria Bambo" petition here