Civil rights icon Angela Davis was among 11 women to recently be inducted into the prestigious Women's Hall of Fame. 

On Saturday, the hall welcomed the activist and educator as well as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor into its ranks. Davis was a Black Panther during the height of the civil rights movement and continues to promotes equal rights, social justice and women's rights.

Sotomayor, who broke ground as the first Latina woman to sit on the nation's highest court, was also inducted. Women from various backgrounds and professions were on hand in Seneca Falls, New York. A panel of experts chose the nominees from a list created by the public. 

Induction chairwoman Sujatha Ramanujan told the Associated Press this year's nominees reflected the country's social and political climate. 

“It shows up in the nominations because we ask the general public — and in a time when women are feeling like their voices need to be heard, they’re nominating women whose voices were loud,” Ramanujan said.

During Davis' induction speech, the 75-year-old reflected on a life of service. She discussed both the good and bad times as a one of the leaders of Black liberation.  

“At each significant turning point in my life, when I was introduced to the world of progressive political activism, anti-racist prison abolition struggles, when I myself was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List and ended up spending two years in jail and on trial, when I became involved in many international solidarity efforts, intersectional feminist movements, I’ve always been one of many,” Davis said, according to AP.

Feminist icons actress Jane Fonda and attorney Gloria Allred were also inducted into the hall. The full list of inductees can be viewed here.