Earlier this year, a New York Times journalist referred to Viola Davis as less “classically beautiful” than Kerry Washington. This, of course, lead to some backlash. It sparked visionary director Quest to create a project surrounding the power of black women through dialogue. The curated discussion, called Classically Beautiful, features black women of all shapes, sizes, complexions and personalities. Viola made history as the first black woman to win an Emmy for lead actress in a drama series, and this visual made its miraculous debut simultaneously. If you needed proof of #BlackGirlMagic – this is it.  The mini-doc sheds light on self-worth, the power of the voice and the importance of seeing black women co-exist together in a positive light. With the help of the Coal Crown Creative — a platform set to encourage, inspire and agitate people of color through the manifestation of art, culture and intellect — Quest was able to capture the very essence of what it means to be a “classic black woman” in a world that has written only one version of beauty. “There is power in the voice, we manifest the things we speak about,” Quest says. Check out the discussion below and stay tuned for more from Coal Crown Creative.

Blavity: How did Coal Crown come about?
Quest: I wanted a creative platform to utilize my artistic mediums while still showing appreciation for black culture.

B: Why the name Coal Crown?
Q: If you break coal down to a science, you can turn coal into diamonds if you apply the right pressure and temperature. It’s a metaphor that I apply to the black community.

B: As a black man, what do you find classically beautiful about the black woman?
Q: The black woman is resilient, unbreakable, nurturing and beautiful internally and externally. There are qualities in the black woman we don’t get to see in the media often and I want to showcase that. Even black women with “the spice” (the attitude) lol, I still love it. I don’t want them to feel like they’re not supported, I want black people to work together more.

B: What is planned for Coal Crown in the future and where can we find more info?
Q: There is a second part to the Classically Beautiful discussion that was filmed in Jersey with a different set of girls that will be released soon. I’m also creating a visual dance piece inspired by FKA Twig’s visuals. Find more about Coal Crown via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Quest is a visual creator/activist/educator from Newark, New Jersey aiming to create inspiration for the black community through artistic mediums.

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