Comedian Jess Hilarious reportedly managed to get four Sikh men removed from her flight because she felt "threatened," according to Newsweek.

The Rel actress, born Jessica Moore, reportedly made a tweet about feeling uncomfortable boarding a plane with four Sikh men. In an Instagram video, she's heard gasping as the camera focuses on one of the Sikh men. 

The now-viral video has angered the online community, and some were quick to correct the Baltimore native about the differences between Sikh and Muslim individuals, who practice two distinct religions. 

Following the tweet, the plane was allegedly evacuated and Moore noted in a follow-up social media post that the four men were no longer on the plane, leading her to double-down on her initial claim of having felt unsafe.

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The comedian's actions come during a painful time for the Muslim community following Friday's mass shooting at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. As Blavity previously reported, a gunman harboring white nationalist views opened fire at two separate mosques, killing 49 worshippers and injuring at least 20 more. 

Several Twitter users quickly denounced her antics and noted the irony of a Black woman feeling "threatened" by someone of a different race or belief.

Shortly after her rant went viral, Jess posted a half-hearted apology via a since-deleted post on her Instagram Stories, and, of course, she mentioned that "we have Muslims in my family" to prove she isn't a racist.

"Look ya'll, I'm not racist and never have I been," the Rel star wrote. "We have Muslims in my family, however, I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslim, so yes, I admit I'm ignorant to the facts so teach me."

"N****s know I'm never f***ing racist, but I spotted something and I put it out earlier and we just got evacuated from our plane," Moore continued. "F**k y'all, if I'm scared, I'm scared… y'all mad at me because I don't side with every other Black person." 

The Baltimore native also posted a video chastising those criticizing her behavior, saying one day "Y'all are going to listen to Jess one day, 'cause my news is real."

"F**k y'all, I feel how I feel. I felt threatened and that was it. F**k y'all," she added emphatically.

The incident isn't the first time the actress has seemingly forgotten where she's from. In May, she caught backlash after mocking the phrase "Black Dollars Matter" and profanely inquired about the meaning of a Black dollar given all money is green.


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