If you haven't had the pleasure of growing up with a cool aunt, then you are missing out. Luckily, I had the pleasure of growing up with not only aunts, but great-aunts.  

I grew up with great-aunts who passed the threshold of giving a care about what you thought of them. They also passed the threshold of having a filter. They are the first to tell you how bad your red beans and rice taste. They are the first to tell you that you've gained weight, and they most definitely will be the first to tell you that your man ain't right. Their honesty makes you cringe at times but you love them. 

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For those of you wishing you had this experience, it's not too late. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California) has become the great aunt we always wanted and the political hero we'll need to fight Donald Trump. 

Like everyone else who has some sense, I'm not calling him President Trump. His mama named him Donald and that's what I'm going to call him. There is no need to revisit the countless times he has proven to us he isn't qualified to run a business let alone a country. At this point, we all can agree that we are in trouble and for the next couple of years, there is nothing we can do about it. Since there's nothing to lose at this point, Congresswoman Waters has become like one of my great aunts. Recently she has thrown more shade than the black people threw at Chrisette Michelle

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Drumroll please. Here are some of her finest moments. 

For starters, she's been about this life. Aunt Maxine said,"I don't believe anything this man says." Then she brought up his taxes. 

She decided not to attend his inauguration and wants y'all to know that she didn't even contemplate going. She ain't got time today. 

"I don't honor him. I don't respect him, and I don't want to be involved with him."

Then there was the time she dropped the mic on her thoughts regarding the FBI Director. 

There's more. She pretty much dragged Putin and Trump.

"These two wrap their arms around each other, they defend each other..they're in bed together." 

She has even told us to outright IGNORE the man. 

If you thought for one second that she is going to stop fighting him every inch of the way, you thought wrong. 

I can only imagine what a meeting would be like between her and Trump. 

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None of us know when she honestly will strike again, but we sure can bet on her fighting for us and being the hero we all wish we could be. At the end of the day, she will continue to be the aunt that treats you like you're her own child. We kinda are her kids. She's fighting Trump on behalf of us all. But don't get it twisted, she will check us like we are her child too. 

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We are reaching times where the normalization of Trump is at a point of which some of his most staunch critics are treating him like an actual politician, even Democrats. Other politicians need to follow Maxine and call him out at every chance they get.