Corporate America isn’t for everyone! Comedian Lisa Beasley shines a light on some of the annoyances of being an employee in today’s society via her TikTok videos.

Who is Corporate Erin?

Known by her username @lisabevolving on TikTok, fans of the budding star found a new friend in “Corporate Erin,” a fictional character she created due to how relatable the content is, according to 11 Alive. The Indiana native introduced the annoying high-grossing executive persona in 2021 as a satire to put a magnifying glass on some of the nuances of working in America’s corporate culture. She pokes fun at conversations that often take place in company meetings, poor leadership decisions, and layoffs, along with recognizable buzz words and phrases, such as “deliverables,” “circling back” and “EOD” and a lot more in a “corporate accent.

“Corporate Erin” came to life to fill in for Beasley’s make-believe break from work.

“For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Corporate Erin and I’m the manager for the manager of logistics from Management MC Management. And for the purposes of today’s meeting, why I put a 9 o’clock meeting on everyone’s cal this morning — thank you so much for being here — is kind of just really explaining my presence,” she says in one of her clips. “So, I am taking over social media for Lisa Beasley, she’s on the Sabbatical. She currently doesn’t have the bandwidth, and we can understand that  even though we have our workload here, we can definitely understand that when someone doesn’t have the bandwidth, some of us have to pick up the slack.”


Hi, #CorporateErin here taking over social media for Lis. If you have any questions regarding my new position, please follow up with me in the comments. Im only here to do whats best for the business.

♬ original sound – Lisa Beasley

Her followers left comments on the video about how she nailed the corporate lingo.

“This is SPOT ON. The corporate accent, the nonsense, the talking for 30 mins and saying NOTHING😂😂😂,” one fan commented.

“😂😂 gurl!! the corporate accent, gulp, mid sip, shifting your seat… omg nailed it!😂😂😂😂,” a second person wrote.

“The corporate word salad is so accurate,” a third person said.

Beasley knows firsthand what it’s like to deal with various passive-aggressive personalities on a day-to-day basis to accomplish goals. The beloved character was inspired by her run-ins with the woes of the corporate world.

“You encounter a version of me in every workplace,” she said in an interview with 13News, according to 11 Alive.

The creative isn’t new to making people laugh. The Chicago-based entertainer has been a comedian for many years. She began her career performing in comedy shows in the windy city. Social media helped her expand her career in new ways, and with #CorporateErin earning over 42 million views and counting, the internet sensation has a fanbase that can’t get enough of her laughs for her creative comedy skits.

A popular video of her impersonating the 56th Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, gained her great exposure when it evolved into a show for educators at the Laugh Factory. Some other platforms she’s been on include HBOMax’s South Side, NBC’s Chicago MEDon Netflix and The Blackening on Comedy Central.

Turning some of the corporate woes into lighthearted jokes and funny short stories seems to help her viewers who deal with the type of person she’s portraying consistently because it gives them a chance to laugh at some of the things they endure daily.

“I love corporate Erin,” one user said, per 11 Alive. “Even though she causes me anxiety because I live this everyday. I’m so invested.”