Sean Torrington and his husband, Terry are co-directors of the global media network SlayTV. After leaving his job as a project manager for Goldman Sachs, Sean began to pursue his filmmaking dreams, creating his own Youtube web series that focused on LBGTQ characters of color. 

The feedback was more than positive. Shortly into his efforts, Torrington says, "People would come up to us and be like 'Oh, where can we see more content like this? This is really revolutionary, this is great,'…I was like…'We need one central location for queer (and) trans people of color television.'"

And SlayTV, a platform for LGBTQ storytellers of color to monetize their work and "keep on creating the dope content they create," was born. 

According to NBC News, the network already has a dedicated and growing community of users that get to enjoy the content from LBGTQ creators of color that are telling stories that accurately represent themselves and the community at large in a way the mainstream never has. 

Torrington said, "Growing up in the 90s, I didn't see anything that is a representation of black queer anything anywhere, so it's extremely important that I create a safe space for the young kids." 

You can watch SlayTV on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device/tablet on iOS and Android. Beginning on May 15, 2017, you can watch the network's programming on your Roku, Amazon's Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Android TV devices, Chromecast and Apple Airplay.