Blavity’s Creators 100 is highlighting 10 individuals who are showing off their remarkable skills in music, photography, storytelling and other arts. These brilliant influencers are gaining immense popularity on social media while sharing their talent with the world.

Here are the 10 creators we are highlighting in our latest list.


Amorphous is a Los Angeles-based musician with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter. The rising star recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his debut album, Things Take Shape, which has been streamed more than 21 million times.

Jay Versace

Jay Versace is a Grammy-winning producer who makes an impression with his talents and wisdom, as well as humor on social media.

In a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Versace talked about how he made the transition from comedy to music.

“Transitioning is always kind of painful. Change is always kind of painful,” he told Rolling Stone. “Basically, [I’m] trying to convince the world that I’m a new person.”

Shanel Smith

Shanel Smith, the owner of Ms. Paparazzi Photography, describes herself as “an ardent countrywide photographer whose sole mission is to deliver compelling photos that exceed client expectations.”

Smith’s experience includes “high end fashion brand shoots and creative lifestyle portraits.”

The popular photographer has collaborated with brands such as Burger King, Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Coogi, Tier NYC, Pyer Moss, Duckie Confetti, Visionary Society, Soleboy and Flawless by Gabrielle Union.

Gianna Dorsey

Gianna Dorsey is a Los Angeles-based photographer who is best known for her portraits. In her bio, Dorsey says she “didn’t discover this talent until my second year of business school back in 2011.”

“Little did I know that the small point and shoot Kodak camera my dad got my siblings & I the Christmas prior, would be the gateway into this incredible world,” she said. “I practiced on my college roommate with a mock photo shoot, and within minutes I knew this was something I wanted to explore. Fast forward 10 years, I haven’t put a camera down.”

Skylar Marshai

Skylar Marshai describes herself as a “Black creator, creating. nyc. frequent flyer, storyteller, brand consultant + social strategist.”

“I’m a Georgia native and Brooklyn transplant who spends far too much time checking google flights and gassing my girls,” Marshai writes on her website. “Whether it’s for myself, my business or others, I try to create with intention, authenticity and purpose.”


With more than 103,000 followers, MONALEO continues to make her mark in the music industry.

According to her Spotify page, the Missouri City native, who is now based in Houston, jumped on the scene in 2021 with her viral hit track, “Beating Down Yo Block.”

David A

David A is a “Webtoon Cartoonist, Youtuber, Animator.” The artist has gained more than 46,000 subscribers on YouTube as he continues to make an impression with his cartoons.

DJ RTistic

Ronald Turner II, also known as DJ RTistic, is a Los Angeles-based musician who has been featured on Insecure and Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.

“DJ R-Tistic has become one of entertainment industry’s favorite DJs, as he has DJd special events for Issa Rae, P. Diddy, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lena Waithe, Common, Floyd Mayweather, and Marlon Wayans,” the musician’s bio states. “He is known for his high energy sets, along with his expert level crowd reading abilities.”


Derrick “D-Nice” Jones has earned a number of prestigious honors for his musical talent. In 2021, D-Nice was named to Ebony’s Power 100 List, joining other honorees who were recognized from the field of business, sports, media, activism, music and entertainment.


Stephen2d has earned more than 7 million followers on TikTok with his popular animations.


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