Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, former vice mayor in Culver City, California, is now the first Black woman to be elected as the city’s mayor. McMorrin, who was unanimously voted by the city council, is also the sixth woman to be appointed mayor of Culver City.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to continue to serve Culver City in this capacity as its newest, historic mayor,” McMorrin said in a statement per the Los Angeles Daily News. “As only the sixth woman — and first Black woman — council member, this moment is not lost on me, and I thank my colleagues for their vote of confidence to lead us through the next year with them and Vice Mayor (Dan) O’Brien.”

McMorrin has been serving the city council since 2020 when she was elected to become a member. Her historic appointment to the mayor seat happened shortly after Daniel Lee was appointed as Culver City’s first Black mayor in 2021.

Culver City, which was founded 106 years ago, has seen its share of controversy through the decades. The city issued a resolution in 2021 to acknowledge that certain policies have been causing harm to Black residents. McMorrin said she looks forward to helping the city overcome its challenges.

“In these extraordinary times, our city requires steady, focused, and forward-thinking policies that advance our communities, businesses, and protect those who need us the most,” she said. “I look forward to tackling the challenges ahead and boosting our successes as we work to build a more prosperous and inclusive Culver City.”

McMorrin first outlined her goals when she was running for vice mayor in 2020.

“I am ready to help transform Culver City into a truly inclusive city. I understand the consequences of systemic racism on Black, Indigenous, and people of color,” she wrote on her website at that time. “As a strong leader and problem-solver, I am committed to working together with the community to reimagine public safety and community well-being in Culver City.”

McMorrin, who studied law at Rutgers University, has also worked as an attorney, according to her website. Additionally, McMorrin describes herself as a mom and an equity advocate “who is passionate about improving the quality of life for everyone who lives, works, and plays” in Culver City.