Ryan Nicole Shepard, the daughter of D.L. Hughley, is now getting involved in the feud between her father and Mo’Nique, who have been going back and forth arguing about contract negotiations. Shepard responded to Mo’Nique after the comedian insulted the Hughley family, calling out the father for failing to believe his daughter when she said she was sexually assaulted.

“When I said ‘how can DL’s wife suck the d**k of a coward,’ this is what I meant,” Mo’Nique wrote on social media while posting a clip of an interview in which Hughley expressed remorse for not believing his daughter.

The disgruntled entertainer continued with her lengthy rant, shaming Hughley after he said he didn’t believe his daughter because the accused person was somebody he liked.

“When my husband & I say we have to fight for the little girls coming up behind us & u see DL didn’t believe his own daughter over a friend, because he seemingly likes his friend more than he LOVED HIS OWN DAUGHTER & didn’t want to be bothered by the inconvenient truth. This highlights why the BLACK WOMEN isn’t believed when she publicly speaks about her trauma,” Mo’Nique wrote on Instagram.