Coach Dawn Staley led the Gamecocks to victory on Sunday. South Carolina defeated Iowa 87-75, securing the university’s third title in seven years. The spotlight was put on Staley’s career through this win. This includes an appearance on season 5 of the TV series Martin.

On episode 6, titled “Bangin’ Hard in the School Yard,” Martin’s girlfriend Gina challenges him and his friends to a three-on-three game of basketball. Gina brings in some of the winners of the 1996 Olympic basketball team, which includes Staley, Teresa Edwards, Rebecca Lobo and Sheryl Swoopes.

“I’m more famous for that episode than my basketball career,” Staley said during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” last March, according to The Atlanta Black Star. “When we were on that show, Martin, it was by far the biggest show in the country, so that’s one of the highlights of my career.”

This year’s NCAA victory made Staley the fifth head coach and the first Black coach to win at least three women’s basketball titles. The coach started her career as a college athlete, where she won awards including an NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player title. She went on to join the WNBA with the Charlotte Sting and the Houston Comets. Staley won three Olympic gold medals in 1996, 2000 and 2004.