Failed Georgia Republican candidate Angela Stanton King can't stop taking losses.

The vitriolic former congressional candidate lost her November 3 race in a landslide, garnering just 15% of the vote, according to CBS46. 

Clearly sour after her devastating loss to Nikema Williams, the Trump-supporting reality TV star seemingly projected her pain into the cybersphere when she went after rapper and singer, Lil Nas X

The "Old Town Road" rapper recently released his latest single and has been promoting the song with a series of photo shoots. 

On Friday, he posted a comical photo on his Twitter page of himself making out with himself.

Fans loved the photo and it has racked up more than 200,000 likes on Twitter. But King took issue with the photo and bashed it online. 

She wrote, "So this is what black culture is pushing to our youth now? Sex with everything and everyone including yourself? Is lil nas x tonguing himself down?"

Lil Nas X eventually clapped back himself, writing, "just say ur turned on and go."

His response to King garnered even more likes than the original photo and ended up popularizing his new song even more. 

Meanwhile, others reminded King of just how much she is disliked, even within her own district. 

Many took issue with the common conservative misconception that depictions of gay people in media had any effect on people's sexuality.

But aside from the thoughtful comments about homophobia and bigotry, most people just wanted to clown King for being such a terrible House candidate. 

King, who spent two years in prison for federal conspiracy charges related to a car theft ring only to later be pardoned by President Donald Trump, quickly went back to promoting conspiracy theories, caping for white supremacists, criticizing abortion and retweeting false claims from her president.

Lil Nas X, on the other hand, continues to win. His innovative virtual concerts within the game Roblox drew 33 millions viewers, according to The Verge, and it garnered significant praise online.