Denzel Washington is getting a lot of love online after a video was captured on Thursday showing the legendary actor helping a man in distress who was standing in the middle of a street in West Hollywood.

Although the incident was covered widely and caught on video, there are still few details on what actually happened and how the situation was resolved. 

A local news outlet recorded Washington stopping his car along a street in West Hollywood to help a man who was wandering in the middle of the street. The actor got out of his car and helped the man to the sidewalk where he was seen speaking with him. 

It is unclear what Washington said, but the unidentified man seemed distressed. Multiple news outlets, including TMZ, reported that the man was experiencing homelessness.

The video picks up as two officers approach Washington and the man. At first, the 65-year-old actor can be seen speaking to the man and standing in between him and the officers. It seems as though Washington was trying to speak to both sides so that nothing bad happened.

The man is seen being handcuffed while Washington holds some food and a drink for him. The video ends, but according to TMZ, the man was later released.

Although the Academy Award winner has not commented on the situation, that didn't stop people from applauding him on Twitter. 

Washington was recently in the news for generously donating to a colon cancer organization supported by TV host Katie Couric even after she pressed him with a number of microaggressions during an interview in 2004. 

Multiple actors, including Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman and Power actor Omari Hardwick, have said Washington quietly helped them through school or supported them while they struggled to make it as actors, according to People.

In an interview on The Real, Hardwick recounted how Washington and his wife Pauletta helped him out in his time of need. 

“They gave me shelter when I didn’t have a place to stay. Pauletta Washington paid, and this is the first time I’ve ever probably said it on camera, she paid for my car, you know, to not be taken back. They paid for it. She called and said, ‘I got to get down Denzel’s approval first, but he was like ‘all good.' When I finally paid him that check back, it was big. They framed that check,” Hardwick said.