Doctors at Detroit Medical Center were not sure Jasmine Logan would make it when she went into a coma after contracting COVID-19 and giving birth to twins prematurely, according to WDIV. 

But Logan made a miraculous recovery and was able to tell her harrowing story last week to multiple news outlets. 

“I just want to love my kids. I’ve never had to be away from them for this long,” Logan told WDIV. “Not being able to see my children, or wake up to them, or talk to them -- like I will usually do every morning. But I know that I’m healing and I’ll be able to see them.”

Logan, her husband and three children were excited for a new set of twins that were on the way. But things took a turn when the entire family caught COVID-19 in November.

Doctors decided to induce labor on November 17, according to Fox2, but Logan fell into a coma after childbirth and it took a squad of doctors and nurses to save her life. She was placed on a ventilator and doctors were concerned that the 31-year-old would not make it. 

"She went very rapidly downhill, like very rapidly," said Dr. Kenton Zehr. "She came in short of wind. Within a few hours her heart started to fail."

Logan was in a coma for more than two weeks as doctors fought to save her life while her liver and kidneys failed. 

Her husband, Steven Logan, said it was terrifying to see his wife struggle to survive all while he had to stop working and watch their young children, who all had COVID-19.

“Everything that she was experiencing were essentially causes of death,” he said to WDIV. “It was a mental storm going on in my head of me trying to figure out what exactly to do.”

On a GoFundMe page set up by the family, he said he was an over-the-road truck driver and that he could no longer work because he could not leave their five young children. 

"My Wife, Jasmine had to undergo ECMO surgery, as a result of Covid-19 causing her to contract pneumonia in both lungs. None of the other breathing methods were effective. Her lungs were so badly damaged that to simply breathe put too much stress on her heart and lungs which caused heart failure along with a host of many other medical complications (kidney failure, liver failure, blood clots etc," he wrote. 

"She will have a long and tumultuous road to recovery, and possibly have life-lasting complications," he added. 

Zehr told WDIV that doctors put Logan on a last-resort treatment called ECMO, which saved her life. Logan will now be able to go home with her babies in about a week. 

The GoFundMe page has since raised more than $125,000 and far exceeded its goal. On the page, Logan's husband said she will need physical therapy and her road to recovery will be difficult. 

She told WDIV that the experience made her grateful to be able to hold her family members again. 

"You never know what tomorrow brings, so love on your family, kiss them, tell them you love them, enjoy them, you just never know what will happen," Logan said.