Detroit Police Spent $622,000 On Technology To Track Citizens On Their Cell Phone

Freedom of information request show the purchase and attempted cover up.

Photo credit:Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

| May 13 2019,

10:01 pm

Detroit police purchased technology allowing them to actively track people's locations through their cell phones, according to documents obtained through a freedom of information request by Shadowproof.

“KEYW shall, if it chooses, take action to prevent the disclosure and notify the receiving party of this action in no more than the time receiving party has to respond to the disclosure request,” the NDA reads.

“The fact that no public input is mandated is really problematic,” said Shelli Weisberg, political director at the ACLU of Michigan. “Having a privacy ordinance like that would be beneficial in Michigan.”

While a Supreme Court decision ruling cell phone data as private information law enforcement would need a warrant to access, different cities like Chicago have been able to deploy the technology without warrants by misleading courts on the capability of the technology.

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