Beauty hacks and DIYs are my go-to thing. Nothing excites me more than creating my own household goods. So it should be no surprise that I’ve whipped up another go-to recipe. Protein treatments are super important for healthy hair, whether you’re natural or relaxed. But because I have relaxed hair, it’s an imperative part of my hair regimen to prevent breakage at the demarcation line.

Here’s my spin on a DIY deep conditioner/protein treatment:

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3 tbsp olive oil

4 squirts of your favorite conditioner (preferably sulfate-free)

1 egg

The first step is to add all of your ingredients into a bowl. From this point on, you’ll only want to use this bowl for hair related purposes. Next, grab a plastic fork and whisk the ingredients together as much as possible. Once the concoction is all mixed, then it’s your choice how you want to apply it. When using this recipe, I section my hair and then use my hands to lather the mixture onto each section. I admit this method can get a bit messy, so maybe using an old lotion bottle might be helpful.

Be generous when adding this mixture to your hair. The oil will give your hair the moisture it desires while the egg is providing some protein. Once all of your mixture is on your head, take a plastic shower cap, cover your head, and just chill out for twenty minutes.

After letting it sit, just wash the mixture out with warm to cold water. Please refrain from using hot water, as you might start to cook the egg. Once your hair is completely rinsed, follow up with a regular moisturizing conditioner and there you go. Your hair should feel better in your hands and it’ll have a beautiful shine.

What’s your favorite homemade deep conditioner recipe? Let us know in the comments below!


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