Hip-hop media personality DJ Vlad is feeling the wrath of the internet after getting into an argument with Princeton professor Morgan Jerkins. Social media users came to Jerkins’ (who is the niece of iconic producer, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins) defense after she criticized DJ Vlad for sharing his opinion on the ongoing Drake-Kendrick Lamar beef that has taken over the internet.

“Kendrick’s ‘Not Like Us’ needed a better mix. It takes away from the song,” DJ Vlad tweeted over the weekend.

Jerkins responded a short time later, saying “You are WHITE. This is a BLACK FOLK AFFAIR.”

The back-and-forth continued when Vlad tagged Princeton University and bashed the professor.

“Wait, so a professor at @Princeton is telling me that a white person shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinion about Hip-Hop? Is that how you interact with your students?” he wrote.

Jerkins once again tried to make her point clear to the popular media personality.

“What I’m saying is that you put your opinion in a discussion that’s not needed,” she wrote. “This conversation is and should center Black people, not you.”

Vlad continued his efforts to seemingly intimidate the Princeton scholar: “Don’t try to change your words now. I’ll be reaching out to @princeton about this on Monday,” he wrote.

Jerkins, however, didn’t appear to be fazed.

“Semester’s over and my contract has been completed,” she wrote. “But thanks for trying to bully me out of a job for centering Black people because you got your feelings hurt. Very retaliatory, huh? Nice tactic!”

Jerkins, who describes herself as a two-time National Magazine Award-winning journalist and editor in addition to being an educator, has plenty of supporters as she continues to stand up for herself.

Echoing the professor’s words, Black social media users are telling DJ Vlad that he’s not part of hip-hop culture.

DJ Vlad, who has gotten himself into trouble several times in the past with controversial comments, continues to be labeled as a colonizer.

According to many of Jerkins’ supporters, Lamar’s track perfectly describes the media personality.

According to Vibe, DJ Vlad put out a statement on May 6, trying to backtrack on his comments to Jerkins.

“Since it’s Monday, let me clear the air and state that I never had any intention of filing a complaint to Princeton for former professor Morgan Jerkins saying that white people aren’t allowed to comment on Kendrick Lamar’s music. She trolled me and I trolled back,” he wrote.

According to The Source, DJ Vlad sparked controversy in 2021 when he published a video titled, “Kal Dawson was in the car when 50 Cent Got Shot 9 Times, Kal Got Shot Also.” 50 responded a short time later, saying “I want this video taken down now!”

“Vlad I swear smh. He sells us our own trauma. Culture Vulture af,” one person wrote on social media at that time.

In a 2022 interview with Variety, DJ Vlad said negative comments about him are good for his brand.

“Before VLAD TV, I was already DJ Vlad and people knew who I was, so the negative comments were always there,” he told Variety. “I had years of dealing with these negative comments. When it got bigger, comments didn’t really shocked me all that much, it is what it is. … Ultimately, all it really does is grow your brand that much bigger.”

DJ Vlad also compared himself to other public figures.

“There’s no one out there that’s universally loved by everybody,” he said. “People hate Obama. People hate Biden. People hate Halle Berry. People hate Jay Z. People hate Drake. Drake has an army of haters and an army of fans. All of it goes hand-in-hand. If you keep focusing on the negative, you’ll drive yourself crazy.”