March marks Myeloma Action Month, and legendary comedian, actor and cultural commentator D.L. Hughley wants to shed light on this cause. So he’s teaming up with That’s My Word to educate Black people on the importance of getting screened for multiple myeloma. It’s clear this is a cause near and dear to his heart.

Like many diseases, unfortunately, Black Americans are at a higher risk of dying from multiple myeloma. It’s a rare form of blood cancer that can be a silent killer if not detected early enough. 

Regarding risk factors, Hughley told Blavity in a recent interview, “It really can be attributed to several things that could range from heredity to diet.” But unfortunately, what can amplify these risk factors are also the lack of access to good health care for many Black people.

When we learn about these illnesses, it causes us to take stock of our health. It’s been no different for Hughley. 

“I’ve always had some knowledge about what types of routines would have been healthy for me. Whether or not I heeded better judgment is another story. But definitely seeing how this illness has affected so many Black families has made me more proactive about cancer screenings.” Hughley added, “The basis of why we have such an unhealthy relationship with going to doctors or getting screened is fear. Because of this fear, we waste precious time being reactive instead of being proactive. What we want to achieve with That’s My Word is to get more Black people to become proactive.”

Courtesy: That’s My Word

Black Americans are twice as likely to die from multiple myeloma than other groups and comprise 20% of all multiple myeloma cases. You’re also at risk if you’re overweight or over 60. Although we can’t help aging, there are other factors we can control with this knowledge, so light must be shined on this campaign.

“With the right amount of intent and support, we really have an opportunity to save lives. We can change our attitudes towards health and become more familiar with the ways we can combat illness. Our well-being hinges on it as a people,” Hughley concluded.

Celebrate Myeloma Action Month by supporting That’s My Word, and let’s help make multiple myeloma a thing of the past.