Doja Cat is getting her flowers after putting on a dazzling performance on April 14 at Coachella. She made history as the first female rapper to headline the 25-year-old festival.

The 28-year-old impressed the crowd with her dancing and rapping skills and show-stopping costumes. Her stage props included a fake Tyrannosaurus skeleton and puppets.

Doja Cat hit the stage wearing a white hazmat suit and kicked off her setlist with “Acknowledge Me,” which is featured on the deluxe version of her Scarlet album. The Grammy-winning artist followed up with hits, including “Attention,” “Agora Hills” and “Paint the Town Red,” which hit No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2023. She also performed “OKLOSER,” “Ouchies” and “URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!” on stage for the first time, Vibe reported. Additionally, she performed her newest track, “MASC,” according to Billboard.

For the grand finale, Doja performed a seductive rendition of “Wet Vagina.” Transforming the stage into a mud wrestling ring for the final performance, Doja got down and dirty with her dancers.

Doja had a little help from some of her friends: Teezo Touchdown, 21 Savage, The Joy and A$AP Rocky joined her on stage. A$AP Rocky performed “URGEEE!!!!” with Doja while 21 Savage joined her for “n.h.i.e.,” The Desert Sun reported. Meanwhile, Teezo Touchdown joined Doja during “MASC” to perform his verse. The Joy, a South African a cappella group, surrounded Doja and performed in Zulu, according to Billboard.

Fans took to social media to express their admiration for Doja’s captivating performance.

Doja’s supporters were also happy to see that some of her overlooked songs like “Wet Vagina” finally got some attention on the big stage.

Doja seemingly attracted some new fans thanks to her Coachella performance.

Fellow artist DIXSON had nothing but great things to say about Doja.

“I want yall to know that @DojaCat is at the top of the big 3,” DIXSON tweeted. “Her live show and flow are unmatched. Go see her. Even if you don’t know a Doja song, the show is so goddamned entertaining it’d be worth every penny. Buy some merchandise too shiddddd.”