A store clerk has been arrested after shooting an armed robber in self-defense at a Dollar General in Louisiana.

According to local police, Rafus Anderson was working at the downtown Monroe location when the robbery took place. Per Fox 5 Vegas, when the thief took the money from the register and attempted to leave the store, the employee pulled out a gun and fired more than one shot in his direction. The suspect was hit along with an innocent bystander who was shopping at the time.

When officers arrived on the scene, the robber was found “lying in the money he had just robbed the store of,” the police report stated. Unfortunately, he died later on from complications from the gun wound.

After Anderson locked up the store, as usual, he went to the police station to turn himself in according to the report. When he was questioned by police about what took place, he mentioned that this was the sixth time someone tried to rob the store in the last five months. Four of the attempted robberies had been successful so he felt scared that he could be killed this time. The clerk was released from jail earlier this week without bail and had a court appearance the next day.

The New Yorker and ProPublica discovered that dollar stores are a popular target for robbers due to their location in communities and the cash flow.

There has been no statement from Dollar General at this time.