As the government shutdown nears its 30th day, rapper Cardi B's Instagram rant has captured the sentiments of the nation and news media in one swoop. CNN's Don Lemon piggybacked off of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper's passionate words, calling the federal shutdown "slavery."

During a Thursday appearance on Cuomo Prime Time, the CNN Tonight host continued his nearly two-year lambasting of President Donald Trump with recent criticism.

“If you are being summoned to work without pay, what is a synonym for that?” Lemon asked. “What kind of people work without being paid? Either you’re an indentured servant, or you’re a slave. Right? That’s what’s happening right now.”

The shutdown, which began on December 22, has left nearly 800,000 federal workers furloughed or forced to work without pay. Many have turned to food banks and GoFundMe to make ends meet. Laborers forced to work, like TSA agents, have not been shy about their lack of motivation as long lines in airports have become the norm. 

Earlier this week, Cardi B gave her two cents on the longest shutdown in American history and was quickly praised for her frank summation of the turmoil that's been inflicted upon the country. 

“Hey y’all, I just wanna remind y’all because it’s been a little bit over three weeks,” Cardi said on Instagram. “Trump is now ordering — as in summonsing — federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid.”

It's no secret that the bone of contention within the executive office has been the creation of a border wall. Trump demanded Congress provide $5.7 billion in spending for a U.S.-Mexico border wall he believes will thwart possible terror attacks and curb illegal Hispanic immigration. With Democrats taking control of the previously Republican-control House, neither party seems to compromise on a resolution to reopen the government. 

Like many, the "Money" rapper pinned the blame on Trump.

“Now I don’t wanna hear y’all motherf*kers talking ’bout, ‘Oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days,'” she said. “Yeah, b***h, for healthcare so your grandma could check her blood pressure and you b***hes can go check that p***y at the gynecologist with no motherf**king problem.”

Lemon and Cuomo praised the "Be Careful" artist for her bold statements in the recent segment. 

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