Recently on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Princeton University professor, Dr. Cornel West and CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill discussed the backlash against the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Hill spoke on the impact of the BLM movement’s attention in the media: “They’re winning the war for attention, but it’s important to note that the work they’re doing is not just to create the spectacle. The spectacle is the entry point into significant social justice, significant social change and policy change. So, a year later, we’re talking about body cameras. We’re talking about state violence. We’re talking about oversight of police.  We’re talking about citizen review boards. You can’t run for mayor in a city right now and not talk about what your plan for policing is. You can’t run for president and not talk about black lives mattering. That is a testimony to the power and strength of this movement, and to the power and strength of those three black women who created a movement that has the world on its heels.

Additionally Dr. West spoke on the driving force of the movement: I think part of the moral impulse behind the Black Lives Matter is that innocent lives must not be violated, must not be taken. Yet, unfortunately, oftentimes the innocent lives that are taken by state-sponsored figures tend to be black and brown people.

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