Now what do you see?

trayvon martin.jpg

It’s interesting how quickly things can go viral.

Just yesterday, everyone was going crazy over this dress. For those that don’t know, there was a picture of the above dress that appeared to be white and gold in one picture and blue and black in another. For some viewers, the colors would switch instantly. One moment the dress was blue and black and then the next it was gold and white. Everyone was confused, myself included. I wanted to know why this was happening, what was going on, and whether or not I was crazy. After me and my friends tried to find an answer, I gave up. Then, I saw a Facebook status.

“Just one thing: Why are people obsessed with this blue and black dress? What about talking about white privilege and different forms of disadvantage?”
-Facebook friend
Part of me started to feel guilty because I was fascinated with this dress even though an innocent boy was murdered three years ago to the day. Why was this dress even important when my people are being gunned down with no repercussions? What does it mean that I saw more statuses and articles about this dress than I did about Trayvon Martin? This status gave me perspective and reminded me to stay woke and not forget that Black Lives Matter.

Exactly one day ago on February 26, people couldn’t tell the color of a dress. Exactly three years ago on February 26, Trayvon Martin was killed. Which one did you post about?