Blavity’s Shadow and Act has the exclusive premiere for the series finale for The Psychological Evolution of F*boys, from Keke Palmer‘s KeyTV.

The scripted series is “is a captivating dramedy series that delves into the world of a doctoral candidate embarking on a groundbreaking research journey. The series takes a practical and modern approach to exploring the experiences of Black men in therapy, or the lack thereof, and how their internalized trauma, unresolved familial issues, and much more influence their approach to love, sex, and relationships.”

Executive produced by Palmer and brought to life by Nakia Stephens, the series’ stars include The Wire’s Jermaine Crawford, Guxci and Deborah Michal.

Here’s the description for the season finale, “Someplace Like Home”:

Onyx and the boys confront their past and make pivotal choices in the face of personal and relationship challenges. The episode begins with a heartfelt apology, unveiling layers of emotions triggered by a friend’s mother’s release from prison. As the characters gather at Cameron’s barbershop for a transformative event on the psychological evolution from “FBOYS” to men, they engage in candid discussions about therapy, masculinity, and the complexities of relationships. The season concludes with this powerful group therapy session, where they share their journeys of forgiveness and self-acceptance. With themes of redemption, self-discovery, and the transformative power of forgiveness, this season finale promises to leave viewers reflecting on the intricate tapestry of human connections and the choices that define our journeys. Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion as the characters navigate the crossroads of their lives, choosing between the same patterns and the possibility of a new beginning.

In a statement to S&A, Palmer said, “The season finale of The Psychological Evolution of F*ckboys is a real one, and taps into the themes we saw throughout the season, from mental health to self-love—all set in the safe space of a barber shop when Black men are able to genuinely share their fears, insecurities, and successes with each other. This is the second series from Nakia Stephens for KeyTV, and I’m so excited with the conversations we’re starting, and for what’s next to come in 2024 for the network!”

Watch the finale below:

Here's who stars in KeyTV's 'The Psychological Evolution of F*boys'

Guxci – Onyx Cole – @guxciguwop
Jermaine Crawford – Cameron Hall @jermainecrawford 
Deborah Michal – Jade Horne 
Marsalas Morney – Gavin Cole / Dad 
Jorge Amadeus – Justin ‘J-Bird’ Bird – @jorge.amadeus 
Jude Vincent – Rashad Dupont
Devan DMarcus – Demarcus Miller – @devandmarcus
Tony Neville – Ellish Stallworth – @heytonytv        
Michael Massie – Ashton Getty – @realmikemass  
Clint Coley – Reggie – @clintcoley     
Ralph Thomas – Brandon – @ralphthomas_

The season finale drops Thursday.