An Egyptian-themed drawing of the Banks family from '90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has stunned Instagram users, including the Fresh Prince himself.

The picture, created by Malachi Wright, shows the entire family dressed in ancient Egyptian garb including Uncle Phil, Little Nicky and even the OG Aunt Viv.

Will Smith dug the art and posted the picture on his Instagram page. "Throwing it WAAAYYY BACK… The Fresh Pharaoh of Egypt! Shout out to @the_wright_artist. Your work is HOT! #tbt," reads the caption.

Wright has created other cool pop culture pieces including this Black Panther adaptation of a Muhammad Ali fight.

And check out Cardi B-isa!

If you weren't already into this art, according to Wright's website, he is only 15 years old! He wasn't even alive when Fresh Prince originally aired.

If this is what his art looks like in his teens, he's definitely going places. 

Wright's art, including the Fresh Prince piece, is for sale on his site.