Lo decided to take the Blavity family on a trip to Bermuda with her! Check out the video and see what she was up to with the camera.

While in Maui, she had a life-changing experience on the road to Hana. She realized her purpose was to inspire her peers and people in general through her travels. Having started flying by herself by the age of 5, Lo was no stranger to thrill and adventure of traveling. Being described by her friends as someone who “can’t stay put,” she knew marrying her passion and purpose was key. After meeting with a life coach and him telling her “yeah, you’re an experienced traveler, but the world doesn’t know it” Lo came up with a plan. Although jobless and moneyless, Lo knew she needed to go on a trip to officially launch her initiative. She decided on month long trip to Asia. After many unanswered emails and unsuccessful meetings, she was able to raise over $8,000 to travel with a photographer on the 1st official CSP trip to Cambodia, Hong Kong, Thailand and South Korea. Lo has visited over 22 countries and has partnered with a variety of entrepreneurs in her mission to share her journey.

Connect with LO here:
BLAVITY PROFILE: http://blog.blavity.com/cant-stay-put/
WEBSITE: http://www.cantstayput.com/
INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/cantstayput_